First Post Next Gen Video Game Experience

The first video game I will be discussing is Titanfall for the Xbox One.  TitanFall comes out on Tuesday March 11th 2014, and it is proving to be one of the most anticipated shooters of the year. After playing the Titanfall beta first hand I can safely say that the game is truly an experience. Between the constant action and chaos of the Titans dropping from space and the speed and maneuverability of the pilots, the game performs flawlessly. Although the beta was limited to only two maps, the game was still action packed and extremely entertaining. Until the final game is released, there are tons of user made videos to watch on Xbox One’s Upload app and other websites.  The images below give just a small taste of the Titans available in the full game.


On the left is the Stryder Titan designed to be the lightest and fastest Titan in the game so far, which gives players more agility in combat. Over on the right is the Ogre Titan designed to be the heaviest and most armored Titan which offers players the most defense when being attacked. And just as a bonus, the youtube link for the Titanfall Official Launch Trailer is down below. Enjoy.

One thought on “First Post Next Gen Video Game Experience

  1. Hello there, Im an avid gamer myself, but from this article I can only see an opinion from a fan boy of xbox one. Personally I think Titanfall cant compare to the capablities of the PS4’s Killzone. Besides that, I look for more articles from this blog.


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