Gaming News: Upcoming Futuristic Shooter Destiny

If you’re interested in cooperative multiplayer shooters on next generation consoles, this game may be the one for you. The following gallery of images is from the upcoming video game Destiny from developer Bungie studios. The game is said to be released in September 2014, and is looking to be one of the best open world cooperative shooters of next generation consoles.

As well as being a shooter, it will have RPG elements in the mix, as you rank up you can unlock new weapon attachments and abilities. The screenshots below capture just a glimpse of insane level of detail in the environments and graphics the game has to offer, as well as a small variety of weapons that will be included in the final game. This game is the result of a 10 year project that should be coming to it’s conclusion later on this year. At this point, the game looks extremely promising and giving the history of the developer with their previous games, they will no doubt hold up to their reputation and create an amazing cooperative gaming experience.

One thought on “Gaming News: Upcoming Futuristic Shooter Destiny

  1. Ahh Destiny, such a lovely game coming up for the next gen. Consoles. I just hope the game fall to expectations..


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