My Opinion: The Gaming Experience Overall

For some players, video games are just a past time, and for others a way of life. Growing up, gaming has always been a big part of my life and has changed the way I see the world. Gaming has become a vital part of living in younger generations and it seems unfathomable to picture a world without them. They deliver stories and content in a way that no other form of entertainment can deliver. That is not to say other forms of entertainment are not as good or as capable, it’s just gaming delivers storytelling and adventure in a more engaging, and sometimes very emotional way.

In some video games you can feel the emotion the characters are experiencing and you suffer their tragedies with them, it’s a deep connection with the game you are playing, and you can only understand it if you are a gamer yourself. There is also tons of excitement and hype, that builds within us players and it seems to be our fuel when we hear about a new game being made by our favorite developer, or another sequel to our favorite titles being released in the near future. There is also another experience that gamers undergo, and it’s the constant struggle to be the best amongst their peers in multiplayer competition. There is a constant adrenaline rush when we are put to the test in front of an audience, even if it is just friends.

These moments are what separate the strong from the weak, but they also result in some of the most fun and action packed moments a video game can provide. Participating in these online battles, whether it would be a fighting game, or shooter, you begin to develop a heightened sense of the world around you in game. You are able to see the game from a higher level, and there is another objective in the player’s mind other then moving a character around on screen. It becomes more than a game, there are strategies formulating in every moment, and a whole new player is created, taking the game and all its possibilities to a whole new level. In the end, gaming is a fantastic hobby, for people of all ages. Gaming expands the mind’s reflexes, and problem solving skills, and if you have a diverse group of friends, it can be socially beneficial as well.

This piece is just my opinion on the gaming experience as a whole, obviously many people will agree and disagree but I truly believe there is a game out there for everyone, regardless of their passions and interests. If you have any ideas to add or other opinions about gaming, or just your favorite gaming moments, feel free to speak your mind and share your gaming experience in the Reply section.

One thought on “My Opinion: The Gaming Experience Overall

  1. This is such a great article and should be posted across the internet. This a sense of perspective from a person who not only enjoys video games, but finds the reason to why we play them. I for one truly believe that video games are beneficial to all. There are moments that you can only find in playing with peers, for example. Playing a cooperative mode with a friend for hours trying to beat an nearly impossible level. But with determination and strategy(which video games enhance) it is possible to overcome these challenges, also the reward is so positive when you finally conquer it!


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