Gaming News: Killer Instinct New Character Update

For all those Xbox One owners out there who may have missed out on the fighting game Killer Instinct a few months back, the game is still free on the Xbox Live store. But the big news is about Wednesday, April 9th 2014, there will be an update for the game, which will be the launch of the new character Fulgore.

It was originally announced to be released last month in March, but was pushed to April instead. The update will include a Fulgore themed map, an arcade mode, as well as 8 player lobbies, and a spectator mode which are all new additions. Just so players who don’t know about the game understand how it works, Killer Instinct is free to download, and the game randomly selects one free character you use, and rotates to another character over time. This way, if you insist on not buying any of the characters, you are not always stuck with the same one. You can also purchase each character individually for $5 each if you only want one. But if you are the type of player that just wants to get the full KI experience there is the $20 Combo Breaker pack, which includes all characters in the game including the two downloadable characters Spinal and Fulgore.

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Finally if you want to get the most out of Killer Instinct, for a little more buck, there is the Ultra Edition at $40, and the Ultimate Edition of the game for $60 which allows you to have access to all characters, all alternate character costumes and exclusive costumes, as well as the original version of Killer Instinct. The bottom line is this is a great free game, and it only gets better if you are willing o put in the extra cash, even for the basic Combo Breaker Edition. Here are just a few pics of the game and the launch trailer for the new character Fulgore to get those fighting fans amped!

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