Gaming News: Upcoming Survival Horror Game: The Evil Within

For fans of survival horror games there is an interesting title coming out this summer called The Evil Within. This third person survival horror game is being directed by one of the masters of the horror genre Shinji Mikami (the creator of the Resident Evil Series) and most remembered for his outstanding work on the ultra popular Resident Evil 4. The Evil Within brings the player into a complete nightmare, with intense heart-pounding action and tension that seems to exceed Shinji Mikami’s previous horror games.

The game will be released on all current and next generation consoles and also PC. The official release date is August 26th, 2014. Hopefully this game will be the beginning of a new horror series that will continue to define the genre. The extended gameplay trailer is below, but a word of caution for the younger audiences and squeamish players, this trailer is GRAPHIC and contains lots of gore. If you are offended or disturbed by such content, please avoid the trailer, but if you’re a fan of survival horror this may be the next great game to look forward to. Enjoy.

One thought on “Gaming News: Upcoming Survival Horror Game: The Evil Within

  1. I love horror games, especially ones by Visceral Games. It’s like a mix of Silent Hill, Manhunt and Resident Evil. All awesome games! Can’t wait for this shit to come out, looks pretty intense AF. Definitely a must have for my horror game collection.


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