The Car Post! Best Racing Games In Recent Months & Upcoming Racing Games

This post is themed with the appreciation of cars and racing games overall. Ok, on the gaming side 2014 kicked off with great games on every console, but there aren’t  too many racing titles available right now, so this post will be quick look at the best next generation racing games from 2013 and two upcoming racing games of 2014.

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The slideshow above displays photos from the most popular next generation racing games of the end of 2013.

The slideshow below shows pictures of the upcoming racing game: The Crew by Ubisoft Studios, which is said to be an open world racing game, and will be released on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Another upcoming racing title shown below will be: Driveclub which is going to be an exclusive racing title for the Playstation 4.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you liked any of the vehicles seen in this post or you are just a fan of racing games, feel free to share your favorite car(s) and favorite racing game of all time.

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