Gamer Opinion: Outlast (Xbox One)

At this particular moment in time Outlast has already been released on next generation consoles as well as PCs for quite some time. I have heard tons of rumors about how terrifying the game is and have seen clips of the game but nothing really gives you the full experience except playing the actual game for yourself. So after having a pretty tough week I signed on my Xbox One and saw an advertisement for Outlast, said to myself  screw it, let me see what all the hype was about. It was on sale for $20 dollars and I purchased the game online and let it download, little did I know I was downloading one of the most horrifying video games of all time.

First things first, Outlast is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. This game is not like your typical shooter or survival horror game. It is definitely one of the most brutally disturbing and gruesome games I have ever seen. From the get go you will notice the fantastic graphics which are powered by the Unreal Engine. The game looks flawless, and at times so realistic that I felt like I was really in the game world. Many times I caught myself yelling at the edge of my seat with my heart beating out of my chest with shock and panic, which is a reaction that very few games manage to achieved.

The game is played in first person but what sets this game apart from other survival horror games is the fact that there are no weapons in the game. Your character is an up and coming news reporter and only has a digital camera with night vision to help guide you. Because your character is not trained, when you encounter an enemy, your only options are to run and hide. This game mechanic of cat and mouse really makes you feel powerless, and truly heightens the level of tension and fear. On top of this, your camera slowly drains it’s battery and constantly needs to be replaced which has you constantly on edge.

At first, I was completely overwhelmed with the game, and I had no idea of how to go about playing it. After playing the first 10 minutes of the game I was already terrified just looking around the outside of the asylum (where the game takes place) and immediately after, the game kept me in a constant state of mental panic. I was not sure if I should open the next door, or walk into the next hallway because I was so paranoid about the world around me. Outlast manages to deliver a unique game experience that’s smooth and absolutely nerve wracking at the same time.

From a game standpoint, the only things I would say that were not so great were that the objectives were slightly repetitive and a few of the enemy character models were the reused throughout the levels. These small design issues didn’t hurt the game but it kinda puts a small dent in presentation. Even with the minor issues I mentioned, the game is a true horror masterpiece and if you’re willing to take risk to play it you will definitely be in for an intense ride. I would highly recommend this game for anyone interested horror games overall, or anyone who wants to challenge themselves in how hardcore they are with horror entertainment. It is a fantastic game with tons of atmosphere, great graphics, amazing sound design, and scares around every corner, even if nothing is actually happening. Here are some pics of the game and a video of the first level. Enjoy the horror!

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