Gaming News: Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare


A few months ago Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare was announced and a campaign trailer was released at E3 which showed off its stunning new graphics, exo-skeletons, laser rifles, and other futuristic gadgets as well as the academy award winning actor Kevin Spacey, playing a major roll in the game. For a while things got quiet, and not much was else was known about the game except for some minor details here and there, but the big news was the release date for the multiplayer reveal trailer which was set for August, 11th, 2014.

Two weeks ago the Call of duty Advanced Warfare multiplayer trailer was revealed at Gamescom, in Cologne, Germany at Activision’s conference. At the event, representatives from both the publisher Activision and the developer studio Sledgehammer Games showcased all the new features the game is bringing to the table, and in my opinion Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare looks to completely take the game in a new direction for the better. During this hour long presentation, the developers answered many lingering questions about the multiplayer aspect of the game and revealed a new multiplayer mode, tons of customization options for your soldier, custom class options, custom kill streaks, and 4 new maps that will be included in the game, as well as a bonus promotion offer for preorders.

This was a big presentation so first off let me just say the game looks absolutely spectacular and bears a similar resemblance to Call of Duty Black Ops 2, which is not a bad thing, considering it’s one of the best entries in the series. Many players who commented on the multiplayer trailer were saying that the game looks like it could be the sequel to the ultra popular shooter Titanfall. Honestly everyone is entitled to their opinion, but from watching the trailers the only thing that looked similar in gameplay was the double jump feature. This is definitely not the first time a shooter has included a double jump feature and it certainly will not be the last, but I disagree with those responses, since the mechanics of the game justify adding the new feature.

The new exo-skeleton suit is a concept taken from real life designs, and recreated in the game to enhance player movement and strength, which justifies the extra jumping ability, dashing and other enhancements. The multiplayer will also have another feature called Pick 13, which is a revamped version of Black Ops 2’s Pick 10. This feature allows players to customize their load outs with 13 slots instead of 10, which gives more flexibility to the player allowing them better fine tune their play style.

There were lots of new weapons shown and many of them look extremely futuristic while some looked like redesigns of current weaponry and each had different color schemes and attachments. The game appears to have an astounding amount customization options and will now feature a player lobby that shows off your character model in great detail. Finally, on the business end of things the promotional offer was a great announcement and awesome incentive to preorder the game as all preorders will be receiving 24 hour access before the game’s official release date on November, 4th, 2o14. This version of the game is called the Day Zero Edition and players who preorder their copy will be able to pick up their game on November, 3rd with  double XP for the first day, as well as two bonus in game weapons and other bonus in game content at no additional cost.

I felt that the Day Zero Edition is a great idea since every hardcore COD player knows that any extra time with the game is critical to gaining the edge over your friends and rivals alike. The game also has three other versions releasing on November, 4th, as well as a special edition CODAW themed Xbox One that comes standard with a 1TB hard drive and the Day Zero version of the game. The three other versions are as follows: The Atlas Pro Edition starting at $119.99, The Atlas Limited Edition starting at $79.99 and finally the Digital Pro Edition starting at $99.99.  Both the Atlas Pro Edition and the Digital Pro Edition come with all digital in game content as well as the season pass. The Atlas Limited Edition like the Atlas Pro come with two bonus in game weapons, a steel case for the game and the Advanced Arsenal pack.

Based on all this new information on the game, it appears that Sledgehammer games is going in the right direction with the Call of Duty series. They have found a way to make improvements on all the classic elements that made Call of Duty so great as well as bring more options and features to make it feel fresh. Hopefully the actual game will be as amazing and deliver a great new experience for fans and newcomers alike. Down below I have linked the campaign story trailer, conference presentation video which will explain all the details in depth as well as the official multiplayer trailer, enjoy my fellow gamers! And feel free to post your thoughts or comments about the game. Do you think this is going to be the next evolution in the Call of Duty series or do you feel it will be another flawed entry like the previous title Call of Duty Ghosts?

One thought on “Gaming News: Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

  1. Im still skeptic on the C.O.D. game since it is still alittle similar but I guess your right it does look different story wise. Still I don’t think the game is something I would get since I was such a Black Ops fan.


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