Gamer Discussion: Battlefield Hardline

Hello my fellow readers, today I will be talking about the new battlefield game titled Battlefield Hardline. Hardline is not like the previous battlefield games in that it is not a full blown war shooter like the previous entries in the series. Hardline take the game in a new direction that is primarily focused on a cops versus robbers aesthetic. It is being developed by Visceral games in collaboration with DICE and seems to be reshaping the series. In my honest opinion I have been generally excited about this game, until I actually got my hands on the Beta.

Now I know Betas are just test versions of the game’s software, but honestly I was not very happy with the functionality of the game at it’s core. There were just simple control issues that I was having a hard time with adjusting to specifically with vehicle control. Now at the heart of the game, the firefights and combat felt intense and the controls were responsive, especially in close quarter situations, and this is where the multiplayer shines brightest. One of the new multiplayer modes called Heist really changes up the pace for Battlefield and it was definitely a challenge especially when playing with an uncoordinated team. It really felt like a good guy versus bad guy situation, and there are slight differences in classes for each side. Personally I like the risk that the developers are taking to change the game’s direction, but part of me feels like there was no real change to the core game. It feels like a standard battlefield game with a cops and robbers costume, trying to set itself apart.

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As of fan of previous Battlefield games I was disappointed with the beta and I found the new concept pretty dry, now this is not to say I don’t like concept, I just believe it could have been used for a different game. Battlefield has always been known to break boundaries with its intense graphics and cinematic multiplayer experiences and this latest entry seems to barely push the envelope, and I felt Hardline was more like a Battlefield 4 DLC update rather than a new game. I honestly had hoped that the next battlefield game would take a new futuristic approach with their open destructive environments, but instead it seems to be a present day setting with an old situation where cops actually had to fight against thieves and other criminals.

Now, on a more positive side, I am most excited to see Hardline’s new campaign. In the trailers they revealed a bunch of actors from various detective television shows and it appears to have a more engaging storyline then the previous games. Overall the game’s campaign seems to be the main highlight this time around instead of it’s multiplayer component, which is a disappointment. The release date for Battlefield Hardline is on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015, I will also post the campaign trailer down below.

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