MKX: Jason Voorhees

Hello readers! So this post is a quick update on MKX and where it stands so far with the release of the 1st part of the new downloadable content. Those of us who have purchased the Kombat Pack DLC for Mortal Kombat X have been able to update the game and play as the new character Jason. He was released last week on May 5th 2015 with a few other character skins. Now after having some hands on time with Jason I can personally say he is a MONSTER!


Like every other character in MKX, Jason has three fighting variations. Each one has its own unique style and they all feel completely different from one another. The first variant (which is also my favorite) is called “Slasher” where Jason’s main fighting technique is using his signature machete weapon. He can use it at as projectile and do damage at different ranges and for combination slash attacks as well. If combined properly, he can catch his opponents off guard especially when his armor ability “killing machine” is active. This move makes him almost invincible for a short time and opponents usually get overwhelmed trying to move away from him.


Jason’s “Unstoppable” variation allows him to do insane grappling moves that are devastating if you are caught in them. In this variation he can also gain a bonus damage buff and healing buff, on top of being able to come back from the dead once his life bar is out. This variation was my least favorite because it does not fit my prefered play style. I feel “Unstoppable” Jason is more for players who like to get in close and slam their opponents around until they are victorious. And finally Jason’s last variation is called “Relentless” and in this variation Jason gains the ability to turn into mist and teleport behind his opponents.  Jason can also use an ability called “pursuit” in which he snaps his neck and the screen turns red, and the opponent’s game controls become temporarily reversed. All of these abilities reflect the horror figure from the movies and his overall movement feels heavy, like a tank, which only makes him more menacing.

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Now at this point, the first piece of the Kombat pack has been nothing short of awesome! On top of having access to the serial killer Jason as a playable character, you also have access to the Kraken skin for the character Reptile, the Pharaoh skin for the character Ermac, and the Vampiress skin for the character Mileena. All three look amazing and make the characters feel new and refreshing. The first DLC for Mortal Kombat has been great and I cannot wait till the next character is released. I am hoping the next character that comes out will be Predator but I have no clue when the next DLC update will be announced.  I will keep posting up new updates for Mortal Kombat X as more information is available. If you have any comments about Jason, Mortal Kombat X or any of the previous topics mentioned feel free to type them in the reply section and have an awesome day readers!

4 thoughts on “MKX: Jason Voorhees

  1. Thanks bro, and yea I agree with you. It sucks that his Unstoppable variation doesn’t have killing machine, but if you think about it, its probably for the best, because it would be overkill.


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