MKX: Tanya

Hello Readers!! Today’s post will be discussing the latest character to join the Mortal Kombat X roster: Tanya. For those of us who own the Kombat Pack, Tanya is available TODAY! Tuesday June 2nd, 2015. For those of us who don’t know, Tanya is a an older MK character who has returned to the latest entry in the series. We see her character on multiple occasions during the campaign of MKX, but now we have the opportunity to punish our opponents with her amazing and unique fighting style.

So, like all other MKX characters Tanya has three fighting variations which are: Pyromancer, Dragon Naginata, and the Kobu Jutsu. My absolute favorite of all three is the Kobu Jutsu variation simply because she uses her Tonfas as projectiles in combination with her multidirectional teleportation. The teleportation is a staple for Tanya in all three variations but they each specialize in a specific weapon or ability. Tanya’s Dragon Naginata variant allows her to wield a staff that she can use for heavy overhead attacks and swing kicks. And finally the Pyromancer variant allows her to throw fireballs at her opponents similarly to Johnny Cage’s green energy orbs. If she had be compared to another character in the Mortal Kombat world she is somewhat reminiscent of Jade, but more accurately she has a mix of fighting styles that feel similar to Orchid from Killer Instinct, and Cammy from Street Fighter. Also Tanya’s Fatalities are very quick and brutal in a more subtle way then most of the other characters. My favorite is the second fatality where Tanya grabs onto the back of an opponent and presses her feet into their back intensely, and seconds later pushes her way through their entire body taking their heart and entrails with her. Overall Tanya is a very fast paced character for those players who like to move around the screen quickly and catch their opponents off guard. 

In addition to getting Tanya in the latest update, players also receive the Klassic Pack that includes 3 character skins. The Klassic skins are available for the characters: Kano, Sonya Blade, and Liu Kang. Since the skins aren’t exactly “new” it kinda felt like the old costumes were just being recycled, even though they do look great on next generation consoles. On a quick unrelated side note, I was very dissipointed to learn that the Kold Winter Costume pack was not made available to Kombat Pack owners in the previous update. It was like a slap on the face seeing the price tag for $3.99 for the 3 skins. Honestly I only wanted the Subzero skin from that pack so I refuse to pay for the whole thing even though it’s not super expensive.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and catching up with this MKX update. Please feel free to comment and let me know who is your favorite MKX character and why, and let me know your opinion of the game itself, how do you feel about this most recent Tanya DLC? And do you like the Klassic skins?

One thought on “MKX: Tanya

  1. Keep posting man… keep active as long as your breathing and you’ll reach a place higher than you’ll ever imagine. BTM class bro, mortal kombat is getting back to where it was… the characters that are being introduced to the playable roster is uniquely profound.


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