My Opinion On The New DOOM


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The past few days have been chaotic and in an attempt to break away from the stress, I decided to watch some of the E3 presentations from earlier this year that I had missed. One of the presentations that caught my attention was the Bethesda conference. Bethesda displayed a ton of new video games that will be coming out in the near future but the main one I will be discussing today is the new DOOM presentation. As a fan of the Doom series I have always loved the sense of action and horror that the series has continuously brought to the table. To many, Doom is the father of all other first person shooters and it has been part of the gaming industry for many years. Now that the series is finally being brought back to life after tons of speed bumps in the development cycle, the game is looking incredibly AWESOME!!!


Doom will be running the new ID tech 6 engine, which is absolutely breathtaking. The gameplay video that ID studios and Bethesda revealed was one of the most exciting and action packed gameplay trailers I have seen in a long time. Thats not to say that other games displayed at E3 were not exciting or action packed, I am only referring to first person shooters specifically. It was one of the few games that really got me excited for next year, which has not happened for me personally in quite some time.


The game displayed totally revamped versions of all weapons from the original game and alternate firing modes which gives the gunplay more variety. On top of this the enemy designs have been completely redone for next generation and fit perfectly into the fast paced combat of the game. The video also showed new maneuverability options such as a double jump and mantling over objects, on top of new finishing moves and brutal executions that the player can unleash upon the demons. One specific part of the video that really got the crowd hyped up was when the character picked up the classic chainsaw. The crowd was cheering and the player proceeded to chop up demons into tiny bloody chunks and it was for lack of a better word, INSANE!!


As the presentation continued, the host, Marty Stratton, discussed the multiplayer component of the game and announced a new mode called Doom SnapMap where players are allowed to basically create unlimited amounts of content by “snapping” together elements and in game intelligence to create entirely new modes or levels, and share them instantly with friends. So far I am truly impressed with DOOM and its new look and style although the only negative things that stood out to me were the repetitive finishing move animations and the second half of the campaign presentation reminded me a lot of the ending boss battle of Doom 3 (it was almost identical). This new DOOM is taking a very bold risk by bringing back that classic FPS style gameplay that I feel has been missing in this new generation, and I found this very refreshing. Despite my minor complaints (which can be fixed), I truly appreciated this change of pace that DOOM displayed, and I am above and beyond hype that it is finally getting a chance to shine. The combination of content has me ecstatic for the game, and I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on the finished product in the summer of 2016. I will be preordering this one ASAP.

The DOOM Presentation Video Is Linked Down Below For Your Convenience

Video is from Bethesda

Readers please let me know what you guys think about the upcoming DOOM game or tell me about any other amazing game that was shown at E3 that was YOUR favorite and why in the REPLY section. Also if you care to watch some mildly entertaining videos of me playing games with my friends, go ahead and check out my friend SynicalStar’s youtube channel link HERE: Please subscribe if you like the videos, even the ones I am not a part of, and have a fantastic day.

TOTALLY UNRELATED SIDE NOTE: Today is my birthday… lol…

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