Street Fighter V – The Successful Failure

Hello Everyone!

Street Fighter V is finally here and holy crap after all the hype, it was a pretty unsuccessful launch day. My first impressions of the game were hugely mixed of both super excitement and massive palm-to-face frustration at the same time. As the game first starts (without having any options to cancel) it automatically forces you to login to the Street Fighter V server. The connection completely fails after multiple attempts and then prompts me to play offline. Because I am dying to jump into the fighting action, I agree to play offline and find a surprisingly underwhelming amount of modes are available. There are 4 modes you can play without being logged in which are, Story, Versus, Survival, and Training. It would seem that there would be a lot of content here within the four modes, but sadly there just isn’t enough depth to keep players entertained for very long. On the plus side the game is highly addictive and the mechanics work extremely well for each character, making them all feel balanced and powerful in their own ways.

Video Made by me!

Lets start off with the Story mode of the game. Each of the 16 characters has a campaign but the downside is that they call all be beaten in under 10 minutes. Some of the longer campaigns have a maximum of 4 fights in them (which is REALLY short in comparison to SF IV’s arcade mode) and in between each match there is a mini comic styled slide show that progresses the stories forward. The slideshow of images is combined with character voiceovers and feels really underwhelming when you first watch them. The real dissapointment for me here is that there are actually some stories that are interesting, but as soon as something cool happens its already the end of the story. There is an announcement that the game will be updated in June which will add onto the story mode, but for right now its just underwhelming. After you complete the story mode there is the survival mode which is the most challenging mode in my opinion. This mode tasks you to survive waves of matches that become increasingly difficult, but reward you with a character’s costume colors. The difficulty starts with Easy then progresses into Normal, Hard, and Hell, with Easy mode only having 10 matches, Normal mode having 30, Hard mode having 50, and Hell mode with 100 matches. The catch here that is that you cannot lose AT ALL. Losing even one match against the A.I will result in ending the game and starting you from the very beginning – which sucks.

On the bright side the game is really simple to pick up but ultra difficult to master. Playing with friends or players online can be the most exhilarating part of the game, and the competition can get SERIOUS. I have had players quit on the match mid game, and I have done the same when I just could not accept the loss. There are times when you feel like you have input a specific action and it just doesn’t happen, and during those times are when the rage truly comes out. Now this could be my fault since I am only using a standard PS4 controller instead of a fight pad, but many times I know its just bad internet connection. I have had many matches that were destroyed by lag and the results were usually losses for me. Most of the time when this happens my opponent completely teleports from one side of the screen to the other and I continuously get hit with invisible projectiles and other moves. It can make a player LIVID.

(Video Made By me! lol – also notice the end of the second match – the player quit as soon as he lost)

Now when the game works its a dream to fight with your favorite character and crush your opponents. The brightly colored maps and character combos are amazing to look at and sometimes you can get lost when too many special moves are being executed at once. There are times when the game looks like a 3D water painting which is just stunning. The move sets in the game are very complex in the sense that there are so many combinations you can put together to defeat your opponents. Having this kind of depth with the character moves can provide tons interesting possibilities and as your skill level grows you learn to handle more challenging players and situations. Street Fighter V is an amazing fighting game and I am truly glad it is here, but I was angered by the game when it was first came out. Now that it has been updated, finding matches has been much better and connectivity has been more efficient. Now at this point its all about practicing and perfecting the combos.

If you enjoyed reading this post and have a question or comment feel free to type it in the comment box. Also if possible let me know who your favorite character is in SF V and your highest win streak with them. Hope everyone has a great weekend and happy training!


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