The Division – It’s finally here!

Hey Readers,

Tom Clancy’s: The Division has finally been released yesterday and is nothing short of amazing. From the weather effects to the day and night time lighting and insane amount of loot and missions the game has tons of content for everyone.
The beginning of the game will be familiar to those of us who have played the Division Beta since that particular section of the game occurs shortly after the game starts. A short time after the beta section is complete, you find yourself open to explore the city of Manhattan which can be overwhelming at first. There are tons of neighborhoods across the city and each one feels lifelike with areas that are replicated exactly (and some extremely similar) to capture the essence of Manhattan. The setting has been masterfully done and as you play, you get the sense that the game’s storyline would be horrifying if something like it happened in real life.

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Right off the bat the game gives the player freedom to tackle regular story missions, side missions, and all kinds of encounters. Each type of encounter is broken up into 3 different categories which represents what kind of credit you will be rewarded if you survive. The points for encounters all go towards upgrades for your base which you can choose to put into the Medical wing, the Tech wing, and Security wing. The best thing about upgrading these areas is that each time you upgrade you gain access to personal upgrades for your character which can help with whichever play style you wish to enhance. For example players can choose to upgrade the Medical wing, which will allow them to access upgrades and talents that help heal players in the field during co op missions. If a player wants to go a more solo route, they can choose to upgrade the Tech wing and have access to the mini turret and sticky bomb, which can help with a more defensive approach to gameplay.

My Gameplay for The Division

After putting 10+ hours into the game I found myself barely scratching the surface as I still had many main missions, side missions, encounters and collectables to find. On top of this I had barely played in the Dark Zone. In the Dark Zone there are more frequent rare loot drops and exciting situations that happen if you put time into it. The clear issue here that solo players have a harder time in this area without a squad to provide support. The developers solved this issue by putting options in many areas, including safe houses, to begin matchmaking co op so players don’t need to go it alone. For me personally I would rather go into an intense co op session with people I know, since the game never truly allows you to be safe with the rogue system. This game dynamic always has me on edge since you never truly know if the player standing next to you will flip and decide to turn on you to steal your loot. This realistic feature makes it ultra rewarding when you do manage to succeed and extract higher level items out of the Dark Zone.

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Tom Clancy’s: The Division is an amazing shooter/ action RPG that really steps up the intensity with its immersive and realistic setting. The environments are amazingly detailed, the storyline is engaging, the gunplay is smooth and responsive, and loot management easy to understand. Unfortunately, the one negative thing I had to say about the game is that objectives can be slightly repetitive from time to time, as well as some enemy character models. To me this small negative is clearly outweighed by the awesome amount of positives this game has to offer. I would also really recommend playing this game with a friend or group of friends since it really is designed for cooperative play. This is not to say that players will not enjoy the game if they play it solo, but you can clearly see by the nature of the level design and player upgrades that the experience can be enhanced if you have a dedicated team supporting each other. Having a team will also increase your success rate for increased difficulty in missions which will also result in finding more rare loot drops.

I highly recommend the Division to shooter fans who enjoy open world games and rpg fans alike. The Division is the best of both worlds here and it has hours of fantastic content to play through. Thank you for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it and leave a comment in the reply section if you have something to say about the game. Have a great day!



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