Titanfall 2 – Teaser Discussion

Holy cow! At this point I feel my blog has come full circle. My first post was about the original Titanfall the week before it was released and here we are two years later and I have just found the teaser trailer for it’s sequel.

The teaser seems to hint at a possible campaign mode although the voiceover does not give much about its direction. All we can really see is some jungle like area around a space pod that seems to have crash landed in the middle of no where. The exciting part is the ending moment when a titan walks into the frame and slams down what appears to be a giant electric sword. This is an exhilarating detail since this is probably hinting that the new Titans will be able to wield melee weapons against each other.

The voiceover in the trailer could possibly be the protagonist but it seems unlikely since he refers to “you” (who I assume is the player) and once again there no indication of who he is or what his role is in the game. What is apparent though, is that whoever is piloting the Titan is dead set on destroying what is in that drop pod.

At the very end of the trailer there is a bigger announcement about the worldwide reveal on June 12. If it was not already obvious I am above and beyond excited for this sequel and I am fully expecting this game to reinvent the wheel for futuristic shooters. Granted I think it is a super high expectation, but I felt that Titanfall had brought so many interesting ideas into the spectrum that I believe the next one can only elevate that experience.

Sadly the next thing to do now is just sit and wait for the reveal to get some more details and actual gameplay of the upcoming shooter.

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