DOOM and Things…

Hello readers! Today DOOM is the topic at hand, and it is a completely chaotic and gore-filled thrill ride packed to the max with classic shooter action. This reboot of the game takes you back in time when shooters were much more simplistic and all about the guns, with much more engaging visuals, and over the top presentation.


Sadly, DOOM’s campaign is very thin and not the strong suit of the game. It is a very simple story idea that is just there for the sake of it and not really detailed or overly exciting. Many parts of it consist of the player being locked in specific areas until the “demonic” threat is eliminated before progressing into another area which repeats the process. I just didn’t understand how the presence of demonic monsters had an affect on the overall technology  of the facility on Mars, but somehow when they spawned, the doors went into lockdown automatically. One thing had nothing to do with the other, and since this event kept occurring it made me wonder as to why this decision was made as progression mechanic.

Campaign gameplay and Secrets

This really waters down the experience for me in terms of the story, but this is not where the game truly shines. The true success of DOOM comes in the addition of its phenomenal map editor SnapMap in addition to its solid multiplayer experience. SnapMap lets you build your own maps using preset layouts or create your own level design by “snapping” on areas and putting in all the extra elements you want. You could create your own styled map based on a game type or a cooperative mode. You could even create your own version of a “horde” mode where you choose what the players face wave after wave. The best part is being able to edit the game logic, and connecting it to enemy A.I, so that you could chain events together and make a seamless experience rather then a step-by-step level.

SnapMap screenshots

DOOM’s multiplayer was also a great addition since it brought back that classic arena styled gameplay from the original. It is super fast paced with no weapon reloads (which is really difficult to get used to btw) and tons of item pick ups and power ups. This is a refreshing take on the shooter genre at this point, since most shooters have us conditioned to take cover and wait to heal after getting attacked, or pressing a button to reload our guns. Since these gameplay mechanics are removed, DOOM forces you to approach the game differently as you search for your health and ammo the old fashioned way. DOOM is a great shooter that just slightly fell short on the campaign component but otherwise was an over the top action experience that makes you feel like a badass super hero cleaning up a nasty demonic mess that only you are qualified for. It is a definite must have for fans of the series.

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