Hawaiian Vacation

Hello readers! I just returned from my vacation to Hawaii this week and it was an absolute mind blowing experience. I have never taken a trip like this before and it was a scary plan at first, but after taking the leap of faith, it was well worth the effort. When we arrived in Hawaii we landed on the island of Oahu and the hotel was right by the beach. The initial view from the room shocking and by far one of the most breath taking and memorable moments of the trip.

After a few days of enjoying the sights and local areas we were able to go shopping at a local mall. Obviously since I am a hardcore gamer it would not have been a complete trip for me if I didn’t bring back a video game. So at the mall I found the only GameStop store in the area and I just had to pick up DOOM since it was released the previous week. It was awesome to see the store was pretty much the same as it was back home so I felt like I had never left for that moment.

Food and Pacific Ocean in Hawaii

Now there is a strange sense of conflict when purchasing such a violent and gruesome game in a place thats so beautiful and peaceful. It was a strange purchase for the time but I knew I needed to get it since it is one my all time favorite shooters. As the trip came to its conclusion I found myself not caring about video games so much and primarily focusing on the world around me. I loved walking around the beach, going to nice restaurants, and the overall positive vibe of the island. I felt like I had entered a new realm where I was home away from home. This experience was pretty amazing for me since I have never felt that comfortable being in a place I have never visited before. It was an amazing experience and I will definitely return to Hawaii again another time in the future.

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Slideshow of Hawaii



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