My Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Hyped For The New ‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’

Hello fellow gamers today I have decided to share my excitement about the new developments in the world of Call Of Duty. Just a few days ago the new COD: Infinite Warfare multiplayer trailers went up and finally we are able to analyze them and see what the game has in store. As a long time fan of Call Of Duty I have been wondering why this particular game has been receiving such extreme hate and dislikes from many viewers on multiple sites across the internet. Now I’m not going to address why I think it has been getting lots of negative attention; but with all the new reveals and details released I feel that everyone should be excited for its launch in a few months and here are just 5 reasons why.

1. The New Campaign

Now when the first campaign trailer was revealed I have to admit I was only somewhat interested in what was happening. It seemed pretty common with gaming trends to go out into space and have firefights up there for no apparent reason. My initial reaction to the campaign trailer was pretty much neutral since I was not overly excited but also not disappointed. Deep down I knew I should wait for what was to come, since a very short amount of gameplay was shown and sure enough it was worth the wait.

This week a new campaign reveal trailer has been released as well as a new multiplayer announcement trailer, a multiplayer overview trailer, and a zombies mode trailer. All three are showing more in game content and it looks over the top, exciting, and simply insane! The campaign trailer looks pretty amazing with more audio snippets of context as to what is happening in the story and the threat the world is facing. There are bits of the original trailer mixed in but overall I think the campaign will be a sleeper hit. I believe there are tons of new elements and set pieces in there that aren’t being shown because it would give away the experience. The ability to fight and fly around in space looks interesting and could be really fun to get into especially with the addition of the grappling hook. I would also like to know if there is customization for the ships since it seems you will spend time jumping in and out of your ship regularly.

2. The New Multiplayer

Alright so if the new campaign hasn’t peaked your interests well then maybe the multiplayer might. Many Call Of Duty players actually do not play the campaign, and instead only choose to dive right in on the multiplayer portion of the games. If this is more of your mode of choice, the new multiplayer reveal trailer sums up what is available in a short but sweet look at the new weapons and features that are being included. Things like new classes were shown in the form of “combat rigs” which allow you to select specific special abilities and perks based on your play style. There were also new kill streaks including one that looked like a remote controlled robot animal which looks amazing.

If you want an even more in depth look an the multiplayer and its glorious new features check out the multiplayer overview video (down below). The video gives detailed descriptions of how the “combat rigs” work and their abilities called “payloads” as well as the new perks called “traits”. I am most excited for the “Merc combat rig” which specializes in shielding teammates and can also use the “Bull Charge payload” that allows you to slam into your enemies with a shield while running into them with maximum force. It seems that “payloads” are the equivalent of specialist abilities in COD: Black Ops 3, or at least something similar to them. This makes each “combat rig” unique because each of them will provide a different gameplay experience which caters to different play styles.

3. Extremely Customizable Weapons

In addition to having new “combat rigs”, kill streaks, and so on, there seems to be a ton of new weapon customization options in multiplayer. In my opinion one of the things that makes each Call Of Duty video game eventually feel stale is that lack of new weapons and customization. In the previously released COD: Black Ops 3, the developers tried to remedy this by providing new weapons through downloadable content.

This method was unsuccessful because many players (including myself) struggled with unlocking them and it could have worked better had they just allowed players to have instant access to them through the map pack purchase or a direct purchase. This time around COD: Infinite Warfare seems to be changing things up and adding lots of variety with their customizable weapons. By using another in game currency system, the game allows you to earn currency by playing matches which will allow you to unlock and craft better versions of weapons, only this time without the broken supply drop unlocking system from Black Ops 3. This customization looks like it will be much deeper than in previous games with cooler weapon skins and upgrades that come with crafting higher tiered versions of the weapons. The overview video explains more of the crafting details but in a nut shell the higher the rank of a weapon you craft, the stronger and more effective it is, on top of looking WAY cooler than its original state.

4. Zombies!!!

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is continuing the tradition of including a zombies mode in the game. This first zombies pack is set in a super retro ’80s styled theme park with lots of bright neon colors and a wacky cast of characters. Among them the actor David Hasselhoff will provide voice acting talent and be a guide for the player as they traverse the zombie filled park. Aesthetically speaking I think the new retro zombie mode looks super quirky which is kind of fitting since zombies always felt like a strange addition for me in the Call Of Duty series. I think the unique art direction for the zombies mode will be comical and entertaining for fans. I really appreciate the new bold directions the developer Infinity Ward is taking to create a brand new experience in all areas of the game.

5. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered

Now this final reason does not directly compliment Infinite Warfare, but I feel it helps the overall experience when the final game launches. The remastered version of COD4: Modern Warfare is a fantastic bonus. The game has won many awards when it was first launched and it now has a chance to return in style with new updated graphics and a more balanced multiplayer experience.

Realistically, when I first saw the reveal for COD4: Modern Warfare I was more excited about it then I was for COD: Infinite Warfare, but after seeing the multiplayer gameplay videos I realized that mentally I was over exaggerating the game. Now this is not to say that Modern Warfare Remastered isn’t a good game or anything like that, it is actually my favorite in the series, but what I am getting at is the fact that it is the exact same game as before. Obviously there are new additions that will make it a match for current shooters out there, but essentially it is the exact same content which will result in a repeated experience. I feel that the new content in Infinite Warfare should be what people are most interested instead of Remastered Modern Warfare which is an awesome addition but not the main highlight.

The bottom line is that both games look absolutely fantastic and hopefully the end result will be another award winning Call Of Duty game. I feel that the new elements in Infinite Warfare are taking the series in a new direction that looks artistic, action-packed, unique, and just plain fun. The multiplayer is definitely spicing things up with new gadgets and weapons and appears to continue the frantic speedy action from the previous Black Ops 3.

Overall Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is looking like another futuristic masterpiece. Based off of the gameplay from the trailers I am expecting a great experience and I think this will be the game that puts developer Infinity Ward back on the map. Hopefully fans who disliked the trailers can appreciate the game for what it is and still have a blast playing it regardless of its new features since at its core it is still a Call Of Duty video game.




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