5 Quick Help Tips And Reminders For ‘Final Fantasy XV’

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for about a decade (since 2006) and it has finally been released this week. This has been a truly exciting launch for fans of the series and newcomers alike. Now that players are beginning to get their hands on the game and diving into its super rich world, there are truly a ton of things to take in, so here are just a few tips you should know to help ease your way into the game.

Play The Tutorial And Practice Parrying!


This may seem like an obvious tip for any new player, but many people skip intro tutorials to get to the start of the game. For Final Fantasy XV, skipping the tutorial may be a mistake since the combat mechanics may take some time to get used to, so its probably best to start right away. Playing the combat tutorial introduces the blocking and parrying mechanics as well as how to use the warp strike, and blindside attacks. Mastering these simple combat mechanics is absolutely CRUCIAL to surviving later battles in the game so I recommend practicing early on.

Get Comfortable With Those Menus


When it comes to RPG’s like Final Fantasy XV, there are usually lots of menus involved and this can be hectic and even downright overwhelming for new players. FFXV has a pretty organized menu system, although some sections may go overlooked if you don’t pay attention. There are easy-to-miss options within the menu system that allow you to customize all character costumes and equip accessories and spells. To change your costume and accessories, open the “GEAR” menu and scroll down to the bottom. You can select either option and equip new outfits for your character and boost him with any accessory you see fit. Also keep in mind that there is a separate “ELEMANCY” menu for crafting and combining spells which is separate from the “GEAR” menu.


Be sure to revisit the “GEAR” menu as you progress, and equip yourself and your squad mates with better weaponry and accessories. These will greatly improve your stats and help you out when you’re in a tough spot. Also be sure to get comfortable with the right trigger (RT on PS4) which pulls up the “tactical menu” which allows you to use items on the fly such as potions. You will need to use this menu repeatedly during the intense boss fights later in the game.

Don’t forget Your Ascension Points!


From the beginning of the game you start earning ascension points which allow you to unlock new abilities and skills. You can unlock these enhancements across multiple skill trees on the “ASCENSION” menu. These skill unlocks will boost specific areas of gameplay, so I suggest unlocking the skills that cater most to your play style. The world of FFXV can be mesmerizing and sometimes you can truly get lost in its world. This can cause you to forget simple things like using AP. I encountered this situation when I was about 13 hours into the game, and I realized that I accumulated almost 200 ascension points which could have helped me dramatically. Forgetting about my AP severely slowed my progression, and I was stuck in early areas of the game that I could have easily beaten had I unlocked more skills. Do yourself a favor and don’t forget to check because you could be progressing much faster if you utilize AP!

Eat Meals Before Going Into A Fight


Normally food in video games is simply used to replenish small amounts of health. In FFXV eating meals also boosts stats for a short time. This can be very beneficial when starting a new quest or bounty hunt. If you have the “gil”, it is worth purchasing some food before beginning a quest, as it can give you the edge you need to succeed in battle.

Finally, The Amazing Chocobos


Chocobos are the coolest things ever and are by far one of my favorite parts of the game. They can be extremely helpful for traveling shorter distances on foot where the Regalia cannot go. After you complete the bounty hunt “A Behemoth Undertaking” the Chocobos will be unlocked and you may rent them from any “rent a bird” station. Not only do the Chocobos look cool and handle really well, you can actually level them up, give them a name, and even customize them!


My main tip here is a reminder to use the “tactical menu” after losing your Chocobo. Normally it will disappear after a short time, and at first it seems like there is no possible way to get it back. After searching and failing to call it multiple times, a memo popped up when I tried to rent another Chocobo, which states there are whistles available in the “tactical menu”. All you have to do is open the tactical menu (RT) and scroll to the right and there is a list of “whistles” to call your Chocobo or command it to “dash” which will quickly get you out of a fight.


All right Final Fantasy XV players these have been my 5 help tips, and hopefully this information can assist you on your play through. These are just a few issues that I came across while exploring and completing bounty hunting quests. Overall, FFXV is an awesome action adventure RPG and you can easily invest hours having a blast exploring new areas, fighting new beasts, fishing, cooking, taking photos, racing Chocobos, or simply riding in the Regalia and following the main quest. Hopefully these tips were helpful or at the very least entertaining to read. Happy hunting!

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