Resident Evil 2 2019 Demo First Impressions

Hey everyone!

Capcom just released the 1 Shot demo a few days ago and I was pleasantly surprised at what the new version of RE2 looks like. Here are my thoughts and first impressions of RE2.

20190112201621_1When you first boot up Resident Evil 2 you are instantly brought back into that iconic Raccoon City Police department. As I took my first steps as young Leon Kennedy I was blown away by the new visual style. RE2 has crisp new textures and antique looking visuals that really make the level design feel familiar and yet completely new altogether. RE2 2019 is dark, gritty, scary, and most importantly a whole lot of fun. Walking through the police department this time around was more horrifying than it ever was, thanks to the impressive new graphics.20190112201645_1

Its All In The Details

In this remake, Capcom was able to add new details into the level design which better highlight the backstory of the game which I felt was never really apparent in the original. Parts of the level show details like a welcome sign made for Leon Kennedy as a new recruit which for me connects the story just a bit more which I prefer instead of just thrusting you into the middle of the action and leaving you clueless as to why Leon is there to begin with like in previous RE games. 

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About 15 minutes into the game I started to notice that what truly makes RE2 stand out is its super impressive gameplay details. There are subtle changes everywhere and it really grounds the game in a realistic way.  Zombies now have this crazy amount of details from their behavior to their textures, and they feel like a whole new enemy. Their skin has this faded pale color which makes them look like real people who are sick. Their eyes are now colored a faded blue as if to suggest they went blind, and this is just the model detail.

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Combat has a ton of smaller details as well that make the gameplay more realistic than ever before. When you target a specific area of a zombie they react to getting shot accurately and you can even slow them down with well placed shots to the legs or head. As well, shots produce these crazy blood splatters on the zombies’ skin which adds to the realism and made me feel like these enemies were once real people. There is a part of the demo where I managed to obtain a combat knife just like in Resident Evil 4, however this time around its mechanics have been changed this time around.

When faced with a zombie who gets a little too close, the game prompts you to use the knife in this self defense animation where you can brutally stab the zombie in the chest. This will cause them to be stunned and buys you some time to run away or reload your weapon, however it also means you no longer have it. Once used, the knife actually stays stuck in the enemy zombie and you will need to finish it off in order to get the knife back. Sadly my screenshots here don’t truly do the gameplay justice, but altogether combat feels accurate, fresh, and realistic.


Simple gameplay changes to combat like this make the game feel more realistic and grounded. In previous RE games you basically had unlimited use of evasive moves without them ever affecting your inventory. While at the time it was not a big deal, it now seems like the attention to smaller details like this really makes a big difference in making the experience more immersive this time around.

Just a taste of things to come

The 1 Shot demo unfortunately was a 30 minute one time deal. I guess that’s why it was called 1 shot, because that’s all you get to make it as far as you can. Time limits on a demo isn’t a new concept but I feel that it was fitting since it seems Capcom really wants to hook you in to get you to buy the full game and frankly the strategy works.

Having only 30 minutes to run around and explore the game puts this sense of pressure on you to explore every nook and cranny as quickly as possible. At the same time it introduces the combat system and gives you enough to work with to see what its all about. This pressure of running out of time combined with the surprises that await in every dark corner made the demo feel super chaotic and exciting. By the end I had made it into a weapon locker room and I was able to pick up the shotgun, but I did not have enough time to actually use it. It was like a super chill cliffhanger and after the demo ended I was left thirsty for more gameplay.

Closing Thoughts

Finally RE2 is beautifully creepy with its new visual overhaul, new physics, textures and visual style. The overall pacing of the game felt fantastic, as if Resident Evil 2 was meant to be played in third person perspective. It combines the best of all the entries in my opinion, mainly the thrilling horror of RE7 and the over the shoulder camera of RE4 and the gritty setting of the original RE2. It feels like Capcom put together the strongest gameplay mechanics of its best Resident Evil games and combined it into one new exciting package. If you are a fan of the original game or if you simply like Resident Evil 4 in particular, you will definitely feel right at home here with this new entry.


What are your thoughts on the new RE2 2019. Did you get to play the game? Are you going to buy this latest horror game release? Sound off in the comments! And have an awesome day!!

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