Ghost Of Tsushima: Setting Free Your Inner Samurai

For those of you who don’t know this about me, I happen to really appreciate Japanese culture. I appreciate the beautiful historic artwork, the delicious food, the stunning craftsmanship in ancient weaponry, the legends of bold samurai and ronin, and traditions of upholding family honor. Ghost Of Tsushima delivers all of these things in a fluid and satisfying package. When it was first revealed, it looked to be a fresh and authentic take on a futile Japan era open world game. It showed different styles of combat through stealth and facing enemies head on. After putting some time into the game, it can confidently be said that Ghost Of Tsushima far exceeds its reveal trailer and is a gaming masterpiece.

The Beauty Of The World

Ghost Of Tsushima is like an interactive painting. Its open world is stunning and detailed in a way that few games can match. There is lush plant life everywhere with colorful trees and leaves sprinkled across the immense natural environments. The environment of the game is so mesmerizing that it is almost its own character. This is an achievement that sets Ghost Of Tsushima apart from the competition. From one moment to the next you can get lost in its world and immersed by its weather effects and totally floored by a perfectly colored sunset. It is nothing short of incredible and should be enjoyed by anyone who likes getting lost in the details.

The Gripping Story Line

As well, the game features incredible writing and a gripping story line. It begins with the protagonist Jin who is an esteemed samurai who is beaten during the overwhelming battle with the invading Mongol army. After being knocked out on the battlefield, a farmer pulls him to safety. When Jin wakes up he is thrust into a situation where he needs to rely on stealth to survive the enemy invasion. From here you must meet other survivors who assist Jin in finding his way to the Mongol leader. As the story progresses Jin is met with more enemy invaders, and travels through Tsushima liberating his people. Along the way he begins recruiting others to aid him in his mission to save his captured uncle who is also the leader of the samurai army.

Ghost of Tsushima: Jin in full Samurai armor

The story of Ghost Of Tsushima is amazing. As Jin you go through a series of personal conflicts as you progress. He is raised to be samurai, but in doing so he is taught to uphold a code of honor. However due to the overwhelming forces he is up against, he needs to break that code in order to overtake the enemy and save his people from further harm. Breaking his honor code comes in the form of stealth game play mechanics. Jin was taught to always face his enemy head on and straight forward, but in order for him to truly get an advantage over his enemy he is forced use stealth methods to kill and survive. Jin is conflicted by this and even refuses to fight this way, but eventually accepts that in order to save his uncle, he needs to use everything (even dishonorable stealth killing) to reach him.

Ghost of Tsushima: Jin on overtaken Mongol ship – Ronin armor

This type of story integration with game play style is the most engaging and immersive. As I played the game, I felt Jin’s internal conflict as he debated and argued with his fellow survivors in choosing to uphold his honor code. I personally resonated with this human conflict, and I really felt connected to the character as I began to level up my stealth “ghost” skills. In addition to the story line and game play elements being interwoven so well, the game also ties together the actual title of the game into its story giving it meaning. Since Jin eventually becomes this overwhelming shadow force taking out Mongol camps single-handed, the word of his legend begins to take shape as you level up. Eventually your legend grows, and the characters in the game tell stories about the “Ghost” of Tsushima, and even begin to fear him, which is genius.

Closing Thoughts

Ghost Of Tsushima is probably one of the best single player games I’ve played this year. It has an incredible story line, amazing graphics, fun and balanced fighting mechanics, a massive open world, and just overall incredible polish. It is a phenomenal game that is calm, engaging, and action packed all at the same time. Everything about it is blended together with a sense of purpose, and you actually care for the character and what is going to happen to him next. Ghost Of Tsushima is a must have for PS4 owners. If you haven’t played it and were considering it for your collection, definitely do not hesitate to pick it up and have fun with it, especially if you are a fan of Japanese samurai culture, or hack and slash stealth games. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you so much for reading this post if you made it this far. I hope everyone is doing well amidst the chaos of world right now. Things seem to be getting better little by little which is great. I wish all of you the best of health. Stay positive and safe.

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