COD Black Ops Cold War: Multiplayer Reveal Trailer Thoughts

Well here we are, another year almost over and another Call Of Duty game releasing just around the corner. Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was announced about a week or so ago and they had postponed the multiplayer reveal trailer until a day ago. Now I’m going to be up front about this, after watching the trailer, I was not excited for this new Call Of Duty game and that SUCKS. I am a long time fan of the franchise and I pretty much get each game every year, but this time I am feeling like there really is nothing to get excited about from what I saw in the trailer.

I will say that the graphics are looking sharp and very cinematic and I immediately began to see similarities to some previous Battlefield games, particularly Battlefield Hardline. While it was graphically cinematic it was not as great in comparison to other games in the series. Obviously they are completely separate games and shouldn’t be compared, but its hard to not notice the shared visual style. I also noticed that vehicles were being highlighted pretty heavily and they seem to be a new addition to the multiplayer experience, or perhaps there were showcasing a vehicle focused “Ground War” mode. Nothing was specified so I have no idea which modes will have access to vehicles.

Quite frankly the game looks action packed but it doesn’t stand out. Almost every time a new reveal trailer is released I am usually excited by some part of it, whether it be the new weapons, new graphics engine, or new game play mechanics, but honestly it mostly seemed like a better looking version of an older Black Ops game. While this also isn’t a bad thing, it just made me feel as a fan that I have nothing to really look forward to and this is disappointing. Perhaps for the newer fans of the game there is something to look forward to but for me personally I saw nothing exciting that I haven’t already seen in a previous game. Normally these kinds of trailers would give me goosebumps and my heart starts pumping about all the new things I would be able to to do, but sadly not this time. The only moments that gave me a sliver of interest were the last few seconds of the trailer which showed a mini taste of Zombies mode that will be returning.

Regardless, these thoughts are simply coming from my reaction to the trailer itself. I unfortunately have not had any opportunity to play the game so I can’t tell you how it feels to play yet. Perhaps the real experience is actually much more engaging and it may be a ton of fun to play, especially considering how chaotic vehicle game play looked. As well the trailer for the multiplayer is pretty short and is presented in a really cinematic way that didn’t show too much raw game play footage. I added a link below so you can check out Game Informers’ actual hands on time with Black Ops Cold War and see for yourself exactly how the multiplayer game play looks. They also talk a little more in depth about the game and how it compares to the current Modern Warfare.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post. I hope you are all doing well.

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