Cyber Punk 2077 Delayed AGAIN – Third Time’s The Charm

Yesterday Cyber Punk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red has announced that the game will be delayed once again this year. Personally I am concerned about the project at this point, but perhaps not for the reason one might think. Cyber Punk 2077 is such an ambitious project and my greatest concern is that some part of the experience is going to struggle because of how grand the overall project is. First and foremost Cyber Punk 2077 is a shooter, but it also has open world elements, RPG stats, character customization, driving/racing, exploration, engaging NPC’s, a full dynamic city with a day and night cycle, all with no loading screens. It is a BIG project. If completed to their full vision, this can arguably be the best video game of this decade.

With this latest delay, it appears from their message that while the game is finished, the time needed to work on both the current and next generation consoles was miscalculated and they need extra time to polish those versions. Honestly this sucks for everyone, especially since we were a few weeks away from the November release date. However, I would rather CD Projekt Red take as much time as they need to complete the game and polish it until it meets their vision and standard, than for it to be released early with issues out the gate that will be inevitably followed by the onslaught of rage culture from a buggy launch (not to mention the death threats they have already received for the delay).

Again my concern is simply that the game is trying to be too much of everything at once. To be clear, I am not saying that I think it’s impossible, I’m saying there is a ton of content here and usually in games this big, some part of it usually takes a hit and doesn’t hold up to the rest of the game’s quality, usually due to technical compromises. Cyber Punk is so ambitious that almost any one element of this game can be its own stand alone video game. As an example the driving portions of the game look to be done so well that it can shine on its own as a futuristic racing game. Separately, I am concerned about the feel of the combat and driving in the game. While I have confidence that CD Projekt Red can nail them both, they’re not in the realm of making shooters or racers, so there’s a small chance those areas will be lacking. Regardless of my reservations, I am hoping that each part holds up and comes together properly in one beautiful cohesive experience.

Ultimately I do believe all of their vision can be completed and delivered. I truly want this game to succeed especially since CD Projekt Red cares so much about their fans and the quality of their games. They are a premium AAA developer and they always have the utmost respect for their fans. I think developers who hold true to their values deserve all the credit and support that their fans can provide. I am hoping they can pull off this project, even with all the delays so far. With all the progress they’ve made they’re in the home stretch of the development cycle. As well their employees are being forced to work mandatory 6 day work weeks to make sure everything is finished in time. While it hurts as a fan and gamer to not be able to get the game next month as we were promised, I’m sure that they are working as hard as they can to deliver Cyber Punk 2077 on the new date: December 10th 2020. I wish the best of luck to CD Projekt Red and all their dev teams right now. I believe in you guys!!!

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