Little Nightmares II: The Nightmares Are REAL

Little Nightmares 2 is a game that caught me by surprise. I have never played the first game but I knew it was a horror/ thriller platforming game. I gave Little Nightmares 2 a try and instantly became immersed in its level design. The main character Mono is a tiny kid with a paper bag over his head which is really weird at first but he quickly becomes a very likeable hero. As Mono you are tasked with escaping the creepy world you’re in and as you progress, you find a series of increasingly disturbed characters and areas along the way. Little Nightmares 2 is a shockingly well crafted horror experience that provides quality scares, a shocking storyline, and incredibly immersive levels. Here is my experience with Little Nightmares 2.

Mono And The Wilderness

As the game starts, you wake up in the middle of this wilderness area and don’t really know what is going on. You quickly take control of Mono who is this abnormally tiny kid in a normal sized world. Things in this world are weird right off the bat. There are random shoes laying around and dead bodies scattered everywhere in this wilderness area. The game opens up into a 3D space with a 2D camera angle. At first this threw me off because you are able to walk forward into the background and forward moving from right to left as a normal 2D side scrolling game. After a little while I got used to the camera and movement and quickly after things turn from weird to just plain creepy.

Finding Six

Shortly after going through the wilderness Mono comes across an abandoned home where he eventually finds the character Six, who is the protagonist from the original Little Nightmares game. The game introduces you to the combat mechanics in the form of Mono being able to barely wield a heavy weapon (usually an axe or hammer). Once you find Six and break her free, she becomes your partner for the remainder of the game and assists Mono with puzzles and other challenges along the way. The two must help each other to survive and thus begins the hellish nightmares.

Surviving The Nightmares

Mono and Six become an awesome duo as they come to trust one another and form a bond. As you progress you go through these unique environments such as a city, a school, a hospital, and a prison. Personally I found the prison and school levels to be truly horrifying. Even with the game having no real violent, graphic, or brutal gameplay, it still raises the horror factor with its fantastic sound design and incredible use of lighting. Particularly in the prison level the lighting is most highlighted here and a few times I was left haunted by the deformed mannequins that chase you in the darkness. What also increases the tension in the game is the fact that you genuinely become attached to both Mono and Six and because they’re so small you don’t want to see them get hurt or captured. The developers did an amazing job of making you feel connected and protective of both characters, and shockingly enough, they achieved this with almost no dialogue between them.

Final Thoughts

Without spoiling the rest of the game, Little Nightmares 2 takes you through a warped version of the reality of things that were once familiar. Locations like the school really reminded me of moments that bothered me as kid like that one creepy teacher who was incredibly strict or being bullied by other kids at school. Throughout the level you see imagery like this, images that are elevated to a true nightmare by the dark and creepy artwork. Its style is something ripped out of Tim Burtons mind and frequently reminded me of his artistic style. Little Nightmares 2 takes you through a weird and exciting journey filled with eerie characters, dark art, and a shocking storyline. My only gripe with the game was that the controls were terrible in some areas and this caused real frustration and multiple retries, particularly in combat sections. Since Mono is so small he can only strike once with all his strength and that momentum causes a delayed recovery time, and results in you dying A LOT since most enemies will attack you faster than you can swing. Besides that I felt the game was impressive and well worth the play through. In fact I was so surprised with the quality of the game that I wondered what would the developers be capable of if they got their hands on a true horror series like a Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

If you get a chance, check out Little Nightmares 2 and take in all its brilliant lighting, storytelling, and choking atmosphere. It was a really fun game with moments that stick with you long after you beat the game which makes it a horror/ thriller success in my opinion. Thank you so much for reading this post about my experience with Little Nightmares 2. Have a great evening and an awesome week.

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