Still Flawed, But A Much Needed Update: Avengers PS5 Enhancement

A week ago the Avengers PS4 enhancement update was made available for PS5 owners who purchased the original version. After putting a few hours into the enhanced version I determined that the enhancement provides a much better experience all around, even though it retains its original flaws. Thankfully it makes fundamental changes to the game’s performance by drastically improving the loading times and providing a much sharper visual presentation. Personally those changes make a big difference and elevate the game to be the best version of itself.

Enhancement updates are becoming a regular thing now as we complete the transition into the next generation of consoles and video games. Many recent titles are releasing enhancement updates to take advantage of the newer hardware and make the game more polished. Games like Avengers are seemingly forced to come out in stages as the original games were not optimized for the latest consoles. Now that the enhanced version is FINALLY out, it gives players a chance to re-experience the game with a more realized representation of what the developers intended for the original game.

My biggest take away from this version of Avengers was undoubtedly the overall improved performance of the game. Right away you can see the enhanced graphics and vastly improved loading times. In the original game, there were moments where the loading times would last for minutes at a time and honestly its even discouraged me from playing it in general. Unfortunately the main issues with the game are still there, primarily frustrating game design. It is divided into these bite sized missions and lobby menus which fragments the core experience. Personally I think it would have made more sense to create two campaign options, one for solo players and one for co-op game play. The solo option should just allow players to enjoy the campaign straight through with no menus and minimal loading screens. It should have been a straight forward and streamlined experience without the constant shift into a lobby since the game automatically prioritizes specific characters for you to play as the game progresses. Either way even with its faults, the enhanced game still performs much better than the original, even though it still feels as though it has so much more potential.

Recently a new trailer was unveiled for the Black Panther who will be added into the game in the near future. Black Panther is one of my favorite Marvel characters and while I am excited to play his campaign, I am still concerned that the main structure of the game will only drag down the experience. As well Spider Man is another huge Marvel character who is supposed to become a part of the Avengers game. Last year the developers had mentioned that Spider Man will be available to players who ordered the game on the PlayStation console, but no other information has been put about him since. So far new campaign chapters like Kate Bishop and Hawkeye DLCs have been expanding the games’ campaign, however, I cannot speak to them since I have not played them yet.

Again there are major improvements here, but they didn’t make any changes to the core game which has its fair share of design issues, and generally makes the game feel dry and boring very quickly. Hopefully with new content on the way, the game will get better over time, but it is unlikely the developers will change its core formula which is holding it back from greatness.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great week!

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