Resident Evil Village: A Sick Action Horror Experience

In recent years Capcom has done a phenomenal job of breathing life back into the Resident Evil franchise. The remakes of both Resident Evil 2 and 3 have been wildly successful and have proven Capcom knows now to properly launch a remake of a classic. The last game in the franchise: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard took the series in a new direction while still keeping the core elements which make up the resident evil franchise. RE7 was able to flip around the visual style into first person and provide a much darker and immersive story. With RE Village Capcom is looking to elevate that first person experience again with an intriguing storyline involving the main character from part 7, Ethan Winters. In addition, Chris Redfield who also made an appearance in RE7 is also returning to the cast and seems to play a larger roll in the story. These last few weeks I have been dying to get my hands on the game and finally I had the chance to complete it this week. Truthfully this has been the most hyped I’ve ever been to play a Resident Evil game and in short, it was well worth the wait.

The game is running the latest version of the RE Engine and my goodness it looks gorgeous. There are stunning details everywhere you look, however, the castle in particular truly stands out as a main highlight. From its design to its textures, the castle is a hauntingly beautiful place to be, and its hard not to stop and notice the details. As well the new villains are probably some of the most interesting in all of the franchise. My favorite in particular being Lady Demitrescu and her daughters. This group of ladies are by far the most exciting part of the game in my opinion because they all have this horror beauty thing going on. While I am not really into taller women like Lady Demitrescu, her design as a character is somehow still very attractive and other fans of the game also seem to agree. Perhaps its her old time style and large hats that reflect a different period, not to mention her shapely form. Either way it seems like fans can’t get enough of her or her daughters even though they are creepy and monstrous.

Finally I’ll close this post off by expressing how awesome the overall game experience was. The storyline was solid although there are still some details missing (perhaps there will be more DLC to fill in the blanks). As a horror game it delivers a tense and chaotic thrill ride filled with sexy nightmarish ladies, horrific beasts, cultist zombies, possessed dolls, and crazy mind trip moments. RE Village takes advantage of its visual atmosphere, pushes you through it with chaotic series of events, and ties it all together with a solid (but not perfect) story. Top it all off with the intense FPS action, interesting puzzles and exploration, some truly epic boss battles, and you have one of the very best Resident Evil games ever made. At this time I have beaten the game once and have just started my second run with new weaponry you can unlock once you complete the game. Honestly it has been amazing to play and while it is not a perfect game, it is still very approachable for newcomers and true to the formula for die hard fans of the franchise. If you were wondering about picking this one up, I would say a strong yes, go for it.

As always thanks for reading this post if you made it down this far, and please feel free to check out the gameplay video I just added highlighting some of the key gameplay mechanics, some weapons, and a mini boss fight. Have a great evening!

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