Get The Grindstone! An Awesome Puzzle Battler

Today I wanted to write about a smaller video game that I normally would not have taken notice of, especially since I prefer more straight forward action games. I recently took a chance and purchased Grindstone on the Epic game store this past week during their Mega Sale. Grindstone is a game that really shocked me with its gameplay and honestly I have not been able to put it down. At its core, Grindstone is a quirky puzzle battle game with a simple premise. The general goal is to slash your way through a mountain of levels as you collect grindstones and level up. Grindstones allow you to get new gear and prepare for greater challenges as you progress. However, don’t be fooled by the seemingly simple concept of the game. Grindstone pushes you to create crazy combos which can deliver a satisfying string of chaos as you shred through the little “creeps” and “jerks” in order to progress.

In Grindstone you play as Jorj, a buff blue stone grinder with a pink mustache whos goal is to collect grindstones. Grindstones are easy to obtain once you figure out how to tie together large combos, however, as you enter the more difficult stages, enemies start getting increasingly difficult to take out. In order to defeat stronger enemies and obstacles, you need to generate more damage points to get through them which adds another level of challenge and strategy to the game. In addition, you also need to keep an eye on your landing spaces since enemies can attack you once you finish your current turn. To make things even more challenging, if you wish to get all gold items from each level you have to fulfill specific requirements. The first challenge is the simplest which to take the required amount of creeps which unlocks the level door, the next is killing a specific jerk enemy which provides a gold crown, and finally a treasure chest. Attempting to get all three challenges done for every level can be difficult as the levels continuously switch up the flow on you, and in some cases you need to make a choice of whether to exit the level early or to stay and keep grinding.

Grindstone is the kind of game you can really enjoy on the go or in small breaks during free time. It was originally released for iOS back in 2019 and was later released for Nintendo Switch back in December 2020 by a studio called Capybara Games. I have only played the game on PC, but considering how much I am enjoying the game, I may get it on a portable device as well. Grindstone has been an absolute blast to play and its animated cartoon style blends together perfectly with this kind of game play. If puzzle games or puzzle battlers are your thing and you haven’t tried this little gem yet, please do yourself a favor and give it a shot you will not be disappointed.

As always thank you for reading this post, and please enjoy the game play video I recorded of my sessions with the game. I really appreciate your support and I hope your week is going well!

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