Becoming A Beat Jedi: Mastering Beat Saber

Since last years lockdown it became difficult to stay active and it was hard to create a routine that included working out time. Thankfully I was able to pick up an Oculus Quest and started getting into the realm of VR games. Enter in Beat Saber. At first the game felt like an interesting challenge for me as I approached it in a very laid back and casual way. Soon after I began to notice how physically demanding it was and eventually turned the game into sort of addon to a work out routine. Beat Saber is an addictive game because it allows you to play at your own pace or push yourself to your limit. The game hooked me because I saw it as something I could get better at especially since I was very fond of similar styled music games like Amplitude and Rock Band.

As the year went on I started coming back to the game over and over again improving my skills and working up a sweat each and every time I played. At first I struggled completing the easier difficulties in the game. I had a hard time syncing my body with my minds directions (if that makes any sense). It felt as though my arms could not keep up with the notes and I would tire out after just a few tries. What kept me focused on getting better was the fact that I knew my mind could keep up, so I knew I just needed to continue developing my physical strength to keep getting better. Eventually I started to increase the difficulty up to Hard mode and recognized I was getting much more comfortable with the game overall.

For a while I was stuck in Hard mode and refused to stop playing until I was able to beat all the songs I struggled with. Eventually this patience with the game payed off and I developed enough skills to start moving on Expert and Expert+ modes. The journey to becoming a “Beat Jedi” was a long and exhausting one. I will say though playing Beat Saber pushed me to begin moving around in a time when didn’t care to move at all. Everything was so depressing and grey and Beat Saber had become a way to bring myself back into some kind of normal routine. I was able to get my body moving and slowly but surely I came to love putting myself through that strain and challenge of keeping up with the fast paced songs. At this point I can comfortably run through most songs on Expert mode easily and a few songs on Expert+. Beat Saber is still part of my weekly routine and I continue playing regularly. It is an absolutely phenomenal game that pushes your mental and physical reflexes and is ridiculously fun to keep perfecting your skills. I highly recommend Beat Saber to anyone who enjoys a good music game or a game that keeps you physically active in general.

As always thank you so much for taking time to read this post. I’ve been wanting to write about Beat Saber for a long time but never had the chance to really put a post together, so here it is. Be sure to check out the game play videos I put together from my sessions. Have a great week!

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