Crazy June Launches – FFVII Intergrade, Ratchet and Clank, Guilty Gear Strive

This past week has been pretty insane with 3 exciting launches falling on the same weekend for PS5. First we have the official launch of Guilty Gear Strive, followed by Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart, and finally the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (enhanced PS5 version). All three launched just a few days ago and its been insane getting a chance to check everything out.

FFVII Remake Intergrade Update

FFVII Remake has been released for a while now and from the start the game was already masterfully designed game. The newly released Intergrade Update does what it was designed to do and it elevates what was already a fantastic game and improves its performance and visuals for the PS5 hardware. At this point FFVII feels more like a next-gen title and offers different performance modes for those who prefer 4K 30fps with ray tracing or smoother 4K without raytracing at 60fps. The 60fps mode runs solid, however, the 4K 30fps mode really slows things down and gets very choppy at times. The 4K 30fps mode was probably the biggest disappointment about the upgrade, simply because it felt very unplayable with the amount of stuttering. Separately, the new campaign Intergrade DLC was a great new addition to the game and added a new playable character. The new character Yuffie is a cute fighter who is capable of some really cool moves. Overall the campaign is a welcomed addition to the already awesome game. If you haven’t had the opportunity to play FFVII Remake this is the best version of the game to check out.

Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart

The developer Insomniac has truly hit their stride with this game, taking full potential of the PS5 hardware. A Rift Apart features some incredible graphics which are reminiscent of their wildly fantastic Spider Man games. In the game you can find some similarities within the titles, mainly the insane graphics, the incredible attention to details, and the phenomenal photo mode. With the photo mode you could really take some stunning screenshots and truly make them yours with the facial expressions, poses, and customizable lighting (just to name a few features). To top it all off the game has an awesome storyline that puts the main characters through some amazing set pieces and crazy action. This has been by far the greatest entry in the series and the game really stands out as an incredible gaming experience.

Guilty Gear Strive

I have been talking about Guilty Gear Strive since the open beta was released and I’ve been patiently waiting for its official launch, and it sucked that it had been delayed a few months back. Now that it is finally here, I have had a blast getting to relearn my favorite characters and I have once again fallen in love with the gorgeous visuals and intense strategic combat. Unfortunately my main issue with the game was the lobby with its pixelated avatars which wasn’t changed. However, that doesn’t take anything away from what the game really offers. Ultimately Guilty Gear Strive is a fantastic fighter that sets itself apart by being slower paced, and this pushes you to be more strategic with your inputs, making each win feel earned. Arc System Works has done an incredible job creating a well balanced fighter with stunning artwork and amazing anime graphics.

These three titles have been absolutely phenomenal to dive into this week, and has been awesome creating content with them. As well, there has been a ton going on with E3 2021 so there will be some updates on that in future posts. As always thank you so much for reading this post, have a great day!

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