The Sequel Worth Waiting For? Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Trailer Reaction

What is going on gamers! A few weeks ago, the official global reveal of Modern Warfare 2 was released, and the game is looking fantastic! A short while after the official artwork reveal video launched, the first campaign gameplay trailer was released – and once again Infinity Ward managed to hook everyone in with their super cinematic action-packed trailer. As always, they have already opened pre-orders for two versions of the game and included bonus content for the existing Warzone with the $99 Vault Edition.

Usually this kind of “reboot” or re-release of a game we’ve already played before puts me in an odd position because there is a part of me that always thinks “what else could they bring to the table that we haven’t already seen?” but Activision knows how to market their game and again the COD fanatic in me remains excited to play the new sequel.

Image Credit: Activision / Infinity Ward

First Impressions

After watching the 4K gameplay trailer, my initial reaction was: “wow they did it again”. They found a way to get me hooked on the concept. The trailer had a super clean look and displayed small bursts of gunplay set on an oil rig during a thunderstorm. The graphics engine really highlights dynamic weather affects and balanced gunfights the franchise is known for. What is also super gripping with trailers like this is the removal of the HUD so the whole thing feels cinematic. The trailer was awesome to watch, and I am excited to see how they incorporate the gunplay into more diverse maps in future trailers.

Final Thoughts

While the trailer had some awesome details and action-packed moments, I couldn’t help but notice that the level design was very reminiscent of the first introduction level of the original Modern Warfare game. Again, this raised the question: is this new sequel going to be more of a copy and pasted version of the original Modern Warfare 2? or is it going to be pushing for a new kind of experience? One that leans more towards an authentic present day war concept.

The game is clearly being done with inspiration from the original titles, however, I’m hoping that Infinity Ward will deliver a fresh story that still includes all the main characters organically and shakes things up while keeping true to the original game. Will this new MW2 be worth waiting for? From the trailer, I would say it certainly seems so, but things can change. As well, we still have the multiplayer trailer to inspect once that comes out, but if the game doesn’t stray too far into anything weirdly over the top or completely abandons the original mechanics that made it a classic, I think there will be something great to look forward to.

Finally, I wanted to take a minute to be honest here and express some
personal thoughts. Lately I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to keep
my thoughts together and find the motivation needed to keep writing. Even
though I have tons of ideas and drafts for posts from pretty much every major
title that I enjoyed in the last few months, somehow, I keep getting caught in
the daily work grind. I have been frustrated about this, and I keep trying to
push myself out of the exhaustion and still find clarity to get all my posts
out. The frustration has been real, but every now and then I find a small burst
of inspiration and I begin my writing process again. This time it came from my
excitement for the new MW2 since the original was one of my all-time favorite

As always if you made it down here, thank you so much for reading this post, I truly appreciate your support and I hope you enjoyed the read. As well feel free to share your thoughts on the MW2 gameplay trailer. I hope you are all doing well and staying positive. Have a awesome day.

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