Resident Evil 4 (2023): Is It Worth The Full Purchase?

Good day my fellow gamers and friends, today I wanted to write about this new remake or newish Resident Evil 4 experience that will be out later this month. Just this week Capcom released the “Chainsaw Demo” which features the main introduction action set-piece from the original game and gives us a chance to see what the game looks like in action. As always, this is just a demo so its not the final look of the finished game, however, most of it’s core mechanics and visuals are running, and they look stunning.

The demo features all new graphics with the updated RE engine which has been used to remake the older RE 2 and 3 as well as RE 7 and 8 Village. This engine is gorgeous and with that comes equally grotesque visuals that accompany the brutal horror survival game. RE 4 2023 brings an elevated visual presentation to the original game that was simply never there before. Tiny details like hair and fur fibers on Leon’s jacket, wrinkles in the leather, polished metal finish the guns, everything is the best it has ever looked, which is to be expected for a remake like this.

Getting down into the gameplay, nothing has really changed here. The controls have remained the same, except for the addition of a crouch button which is new for RE 4. Besides that, it’s pretty the same overall experience from the original, with some minor tweaks to the locations and level design. Animations have also been updated though and Leon’s melee attacks feel more powerful and direct, unlike his past versions where it felt as though he was swinging his blade at air most of the time.

Finally, the demo feels very promising as we continue to see these classic games revitalized. Now for the brutally honest question, is this game going to be worth it? In my opinion: No. This is an old game that has had multiple releases over the years and basically the same experience each time, always with better visuals than the previous, however, the core experience remains the same. The game itself is awesome and will always be awesome since it is one of the best horror video games ever made, but truthfully its been played out very heavily and even the pretty visuals don’t justify this full purchase, even as a long time fan. If you have never experienced RE 4 before than absolutely pick this one up to get the full experience of a true classic survival horror shooter, but if you’ve already seen this one, I would say give it some time to get discounted in a few months, perhaps around the holidays, then pick it up just to relive the action.


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