Hello. Welcome Fellow Gamers.

My name is Alex, and I am a hardcore gaming enthusiast and writer/blogger from New York who simply appreciates gaming on a deeper level.

Video Games are an art form and they are a platform in which we create our own incredible experiences and memories.

I created Inside A Gamer’s Life back in college with a primary focus of getting new gaming information out there. Eventually it expanded and my articles featured more personal experiences with gaming and how my life has been affected by them.

Inside a Gamer’s Life will continue to feature new discussions about life while gaming, suggestions and discussions about new and existing games (and how awesome they are), the affects of gaming on players, and tip articles to help players perfect their game. In addition I created some extra spaces to post more positive and spiritual content for those who are interested in more wholesome posts about life and growth.

If you prefer a more personal look into gaming without all the noise then this is where you need to be!

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