Why God Of Wars Most Powerful Moment Meant So Much To Me

Recently, I took some time to replay God of War (2018) again and it reminded me of the impact the story had on me the first time around. Seeing the game again reignited a fire within me to push forward and try to get into the field of video game development, and it even led […]

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Guerrilla Games’ Journey To Creating ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’

Impending third-person open-world role-player Horizon Zero Dawn looks absolutely groundbreaking. Guerrilla Games (the studio behind the Killzone series) is taking a bold risk stepping into open-world territory. At times, Horizon looks like an animated movie rather than a game, and it is nothing short of exhilarating. The public’s response has been overwhelmingly positive, and fans […]

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2016 The New Year

Hello Readers! Super Happy Holidays to everyone! (even though its a bit delayed). Today I will catch you all up on whats been happening with my gaming situation since Christmas and New Years is over. So for the holidays I received a super sexy Limited Edition Playstation 4 and quite frankly I was blown away […]

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