Resident Evil 4 (2023): Is It Worth The Full Purchase?

Good day my fellow gamers and friends, today I wanted to write about this new remake or newish Resident Evil 4 experience that will be out later this month. Just this week Capcom released the “Chainsaw Demo” which features the main introduction action set-piece from the original game and gives us a chance to see […]

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My Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Hyped For The New ‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’

Hello fellow gamers today I have decided to share my excitement about the new developments in the world of Call Of Duty. Just a few days ago the new COD: Infinite Warfare multiplayer trailers went up and finally we are able to analyze them and see what the game has in store. As a long time fan of Call […]

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Hawaiian Vacation

Hello readers! I just returned from my vacation to Hawaii this week and it was an absolute mind blowing experience. I have never taken a trip like this before and it was a scary plan at first, but after taking the leap of faith, it was well worth the effort. When we arrived in Hawaii we […]

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