The Division: Dark Zone Survival Tips

Hello Blog Readers,

Tonight I wanted to talk a little about the awesomeness that is The Division and its Dark Zone. The Dark Zone is a completely different area from the main map of Manhattan and should be approached with a different perspective then the rest of the game. Based on your current level, the A.I in the Dark Zone will change to provide you with an consistent challenge. On top of this, the game places players with similar levels in the same bracket so everyone is on the same playing field. This should be comforting to the newer players who enter the Dark Zone since they won’t have to worry about facing players who out rank them.

Tip 1: Start from the bottom of the map

For first time players who enter the Dark Zone you should know that it is actually broken up into smaller Zones and the higher you go up in streets the more difficult the enemies become. Starting at the bottom of the Dark Zone ensures that you are in Zone 1 which is where you will find enemies at your current level and will provide you with decent loot drops.

Tip 2: Take it slow if you go it alone

If you don’t have many teammates to play co op in Division, don’t be afraid to enter the Dark Zone alone. When you enter, be sure to slow down your approach as you walk down each block and observe any enemy movement since they frequently spawn behind cars and trucks. If you notice a group of enemies make sure to back away and take lots of cover. Be aware that the enemy A.I in the Dark Zone is relentless and you will be aggressively pursued, flanked, and surrounded by enemies at every opportunity. You will have much more success if you stand back and pick off your enemies one at a time instead of going in guns blazing. Also DO NOT run into areas that you cannot look into and see what is directly in front of you – Many times you will end up surrounded and shot down.

Tip 3: Keep Non Hostile players out of your crosshairs! 

When playing alone try your absolute best to not shoot another player, as this causes you to go Rouge and makes you an obvious target. Many times players are in groups and if you accidentally shoot one of them, the entire squad will attack you with maximum prejudice and steal your loot in the process. When playing alone also try to fire in bursts as this will provide you with more control and allow you to have more accurate shots as well as avoid shooting players as they run in close proximity to you.

Tip 4: Do NOT get angry

If you were attacked and killed by another player, try not to take revenge on the player who just killed you as they have just become a Rogue and will most likely be shot if they are alone. It is much harder to try and chase them down and get the revenge kill then it is to just head in a different direction and start collecting loot again. Be aware of what kind of loot you have and make a decision to extract those items sooner if they are more valuable to you. For example if a player shoots you down when you have a scarf and backpack that is green (standard), don’t be upset that you lost it. You can always buy a new one or find another at a later time. In my opinion weapons have more value here, and so if you manage to find a better weapon then what you currently have equipped, be discreet and make your way to an extraction zone.


Now many players in the DZ will leave you alone if you leave them alone and there is a mutual respect for each other, but once in a while you will encounter a player who just doesn’t care and attacks you just for kicks. In my experience I had a player actually revive me when I was shot down so I approached him and I used an emote to say thanks, and as I began to walk away he shot me in the back and stole my loot. Some players will use your politeness to their advantage and steal from you. Like I said before don’t be angry or upset about it, just restock and keep it moving to find your next great loot drop.

Hopefully these 5 tips will provide you with some insight and strengthen your strategies for the Dark Zone and help you to find a superior piece of loot. Also keep in mind that if you play with a team you could be a little more aggressive since you have back up, but I still recommend being cautious since you just never know what is going to happen.

*Side Note: Just a heads up – I learned later in the game that you cannot reload while jumping in and out of cover or dodging an enemy attack. I have died many times because I ended up restarting the reload animation after a dodge move so keep that in mind while in intense combat – step back and take cover and reload first before going back into the fight.

*One last totally random thing: there is a setting to turn off the number display of damage you are doing to an enemy. This is a cool setting that I felt was a nice change after seeing so many numbers all the time it was cool to just get immersed and concentrate on just lowering the health bars.

Happy hunting everyone!




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