DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 1 DLC – Hell Got Angry

A few weeks ago, DOOM Eternal’s first DLC was launched and has been an awesome addition to the already epic shooter. The first hour of the DLC immediately sets the tone for the game and moves it forward with the story picking up immediately after the main story ends. In this new chapter, combat has been bumped up to chaotic levels and really adds an “ending boss battle” feel to regular arena sections of the game. I have about 6 hours in the new DLC and I’m finding it is super impressive and yet the most challenging part of DOOM Eternal yet.

The Ancient Gods Part 1 DLC adds some new mechanics to the game while still retaining its original fast paced signature game play. There have been new enemies added, new weather effects, awesome underwater sections, more platforming and puzzle areas and shocking combat arenas. ID has also removed or at least toned down a lot of those super neon interactive walls and sections I had issues with the first time around so I was happy to see the game a bit more atmospheric and less thrown off by constant neon hinted areas.

While I still have not been able to finish this DLC (simply because of the insane difficulty level) I have been enjoying the constant adrenaline rush the game provides. In the base game things can get crazy with tightly packed areas filled with big enemies but Ancient Gods Part 1 kicks it up to a whole new level. Combat is insane and it will push you to use absolutely everything in your disposal to take down your demon foes. In some sections I have gotten stuck on the second or third level and died over 20 times in a row trying to understand the pattern of enemies and how to take them down as quickly as possible. It is ROUGH and at times absolutely crazy. There is even a new enemy demon spirit that fuses into a demon and enhances its attacks, speed, and strength, and once you take it down you need to use the “ghost busters” like attachment on the plasma rifle to take it down before it will transfer itself into another enemy and continue the cycle. All of this needs to be handled while still running around and dodging attacks from all sides and combining chainsaw attacks to keep your ammo supply up.

The bottom line here is that Doom Eternal’s first DLC is awesome and crazy challenging which actually brings new life into the game and more incentive for people to come back and play it again. The story is continuing to expand and again Doom Slayer remains the super strong silent type just coming up with his own plan as he goes. I wish I would have been able to beat the DLC before finishing this particular post so I could have gone into some more detail about where the story is headed and if there were any cool ending sections to look forward to, but unfortunately I am still playing it and hopefully getting close to the end soon. Since the game is really challenging you have to take breaks from it for a while then come back and push again to beat the levels, its done in bursts because of the difficulty at least for me. If you are interested in checking it out definitely go for it, it is worth it for some chaotic shooter fun, but be warned Hell really got angry on this one.

Thank you so much for checking out this post on Doom Eternal’s The Ancient Gods PT 1 DLC it is definitely worth picking up especially if you’re already a DOOM fan. It is so well done and the graphical detail is stunning across the board. Please bear with me as well at the time of this post this DLC has already been out for about a month, and I have been writing up a bunch of new stuff for the PlayStation 5 launch and other games that came out this past week. As well I’ve been working on recording footage to add into the blog so you guys can see actual game play in future posts and not just pictures. I really liked this game a lot and did not have an opportunity to finish this post sooner.

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