Reliving The Masterpiece: God Of War (2018) – PS5 Enhanced Update

As some of you may know I am a long time fan of the God Of War series, most especially its latest entry in 2018. Earlier this week an update for the game was released on Playstation 5 and it was the perfect opportunity to revisit the game in all its 4K glory. While the original game was already incredible, it was limited in its performance due to the hardware limitations of the Playstation 4 Pro. However, with this new update, you no longer need to choose between the previous two visual modes; performance or resolution. On last gen consoles the game struggled to keep a steady frame rate in 1080p resolution and generally hovered at high 40’s to mid 50’s in performance mode. In resolution mode the game was upscaled to checkerboard 4K (or 2K depending on your screen) and capped at around 30 frames per second. This obviously improved visuals but dramatically slowed performance making the game feel sluggish. Thankfully, this PS5 enhancement update combines the two together so you can finally enjoy the game with maximum resolution upscaling and maximum performance simultaneously.

PS4 Pro on the left – PS5 Enhanced on the right

Playing God Of War again on the PS5 is such an awesome experience. With the hardware bringing out its best performance and the new controllers providing that solid feel in your hands it almost felt like a new game. While God Of War has been out for 3 years now and some might feel its hype has worn down, it is still a phenomenal story to dive into (even for a second time) and now being able to experience it more smoothly with enhanced performance just makes it so much sweeter. Smaller details like Kratos’ movement while swinging his axe in combat are buttery smooth and you can actually appreciate all of the tiny particle affects going on. Even though I’ve played it before, I still found myself in shock with how impressive the game is and its overall scale. While playing, I also realized that this is the first time I was playing a PS4 game with an enhancement update on PS5. Truthfully I have been waiting for other games to drop their enhancement updates particularly Marvel’s Avengers to see its “enhanced” version but unfortunately they have not released it yet. When those other last gen games release their enhancement updates I am hoping they will run as smooth as God Of War’s.

Finally, I’m glad this update gave me a chance to revisit one of my favorite games and relive its amazing moments with sharper visuals and enhanced performance. It felt like the game was modified and had unlocked the framerate as if it were a PC game, and that was worth checking out again by itself. If you currently own a PS5 and have not tried out God Of War (2018) be sure to pick up the game and experience an incredible and emotional journey with Kratos and his son. The update is completely free so you only need to purchase the game if you haven’t already. Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, stay safe.

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