Dragon Ball FighterZ: Gogeta SS4 Is Crazy!

This week Dragon Ball FighterZ released their newest character: Gogeta SS4 and it just became fully available to everyone 2 days ago. I had the opportunity to use him in game and he is one of the most fun characters to play overall. It seems Arc System Works wanted to have a little more fun on this one because Gogeta SS4 can be insanely overpowered, but that is all part of his style. Here are some of my thoughts from playing with Gogeta SS4 the last 2 days.

So I just have to say Gogeta SS4 is absolutely bonkers! He is probably the most quirky and overpowered character in the whole game. Gogeta SS4 is able to level himself up to increase special move damage, use a power to gain dragon balls, use counters and command grabs, and if combined correctly he is able to accomplish lots of TODs (touch of death combos). While he is insanely unfair in some ways (in regards to his damage output) he does have to compromise slightly because you need to create space from your opponent to safely activate his leveling ability. When you use the move, you are taking a risk each time because he is left with his guard down for a moment, which is an added challenge. Gogeta SS4 is a crazy change of pace and he adds more depth to the roster, even if he is a bit OP in comparison to other characters. Personally I felt his 2 super moves were a little simplistic in their design for such a powerful character, but it doesn’t take anything away from how fun he is to play with his crazy kicks and counters.

For some advanced players this is not even an issue. In particular, (keep in mind I do not know him) the Youtuber DotoDoya released a video of Gogeta SS4 game play and he did a phenomenal job explaining the character and showing off his level stacking potential. Personally I think DotoDoya is an awesome DBFZ player and while I don’t know if he plays professionally, I do think he is highly skilled at the game judging by the ranked matches he posts and I enjoy learning from his videos. He has a great way of commentating the matches and you can tell he just enjoys what he does and I appreciate his vibe as a fellow DBFZ fan. I’ll attach one of his videos down below so you can see his channel, and I think the video pretty much sums up the character and how insane the game can get.

Youtuber DotoDoya’s INSANE Gogeta SS4 GAMEPLAY

I had a blast checking out Gogeta SS4 and I’m still having fun playing the game casually. It has so much content to get into with all those characters and I am still learning more about my favorite ones, which is awesome. For those of you who are curious or interested in purchasing Gogeta SS4 for yourself you are now able to purchase him separately if you do not want to pick up the full pass, but he’s totally worth checking out. He has been awesome to play and he introduces a new risk vs. reward challenge to game gameplay which only adds to the chaos of DBFZ. As always thank you so much for reading this post it really means a lot to get views from you guys, have an awesome Sunday and great week!

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