Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods Pt 2 Thoughts So Far…

This last week the second chapter of the Doom Eternal DLC was released and really ramps up the chaos of the already intense action. Ancient Gods Pt. 2 has Doom Guy returning to face off against the final efforts of hell in order to finally put an end to the demon invasion. This time around ID ramped up the action with a few new game play mechanics and buffed enemy types which really adds variety to the core game play. In addition they doubled down on their arcade style and fully embraced it by adding arcade sounds and cartoonish animations to the new stun mechanics. While I have not completed the DLC just yet, I still wanted to discuss some thoughts I had about it since it still holds up with its stellar chaotic action.

Ancient Gods Pt. 2 really stands out in comparison to the other portions of the game simply with its changes to the familiar formula. Many enemy types have been enhanced or upgraded which increase the game’s difficulty. Some enemies (particularly the baron of hell) have been buffed with new reforming armor which puts the pressure on you to take them down as quickly and aggressively as possible. The new DLC also adds onto the mechanics that were added from the Ancient Gods Pt. 1 DLC which only ramps up the combat even further. You would think by this point there is no other way for ID software to make the game play more chaotic, but they are masters of their craft, and found a way to elevate the combat by combining both sets of DLC mechanics. When you enter an arena with all these difficult enemy types like the demon spirits in combination with the buffed stone imps, barons, and cursed prowlers, you can find yourself quickly overwhelmed by the enemy pressure.

In addition to the gameplay being updated by enhanced enemy types, the DLC also introduces a new hammer weapon to the game. The hammer allows you to stun most enemies caught in the attack radius, which can give you a well deserved break in the heat of the action. The new stun animation creates these comical floating stars over the demon’s heads and it really adds to the arcade-like style they have put into the game. The new stun mechanic also allows for a more balanced combat system since there is always so much going on, having that short amount of time to collect yourself really helps you to progress through those difficult gunfights.

This final DLC for Doom Eternal is an awesome addition to an already incredibly fun game. In previous posts, I’ve mentioned my gripe with the game for having a contradicting visual style with serious cinematic graphics and tone combined with cartoonish user interface, item pick ups, and brightly colored level indicators. The two main elements of the game clashed for me, but now seeing where they went with the game it makes much more sense with what it is trying to achieve. Doom Eternal isn’t trying to be a next gen survival horror experience. Instead, its an over-the-top arcade style shooter with crazy graphics and blazing fast combat. When it gets really hectic, the gameplay begins to feel like a mental dance in your mind as you move about the level while swapping out the correct weapons at the right times to properly deconstruct your enemies. These intense gunfights is where the game shines and you can have the most fun with it. This DLC not only concludes the Ancient Gods storyline, but also elevates the formula of the game in simple ways that feel really impactful. Please feel free to check out my gameplay video of the DLC and the combat with new enemy types.

As usual thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you have an awesome day.

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